When going on holiday it is always handy and polite to know the basics of the language of the country you visit. To connect with local people is much easier when making an effort. Spanish people love it when you make such an attempt. 

Did you know that between 320 and 400 million people around the world speak Spanish as their first language and millions more as their second language? Therefor Spanish is one of the most widespread and important languages ​​of the world today. 

First some remarks about the pronunciation
A double -ll- is pronounced as -lj-
A -v- is pronounced as a -b-
A -h- is a silent letter
A -u- is pronounced as -oe-
A -ñ- is pronounced as -nj-, this is also the 27th letter of the Spanish alfabet!
A -j- is pronounced as a strong -g- 

So, let’s get started with some basic sentences to help you getting around.

The basics

Hello mister, madamHola señor, señora
PleasePor favor
Thank youGracias
You are welcomeDe nada
Good morningBuenos días
Good afternoonBuenos tarde
Good evening/nightBuenas noche
Good byeHasta luego
Excuse meDisculpe
I am sorryLo siento
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez

Small talk

How are youCómo estás or qué tal?
Fine, thanksBien, gracias
And youY tu?
What is your name?Como te llamas?
My name is/I amMe llamo Christina/soy Cristina
Nice to meet youMucho gusto
What are you doing?Qué haces?
Do you live here?Vives aquí?
The weather is lovelyHace bien tiempo 
I come from …Soy de ... Inglaterra (UK), soy de Holanda
I do not understandNo entiendo/no comprendo
I do not speak SpanishNo hablo Español
I speak a little SpanishHablo un poco Español
Do you speak English?Hablas Inglés?

Getting around

Where is the tourist office?Dónde está la oficina de turismo?
Excuse mePerdoname
May I ask you something?Puedo preguntarte algo?
Do you have a map?Tienes un mapa?
Where is ...(see places of interest)Dónde es ....?
To the leftA la izquirda
To the rightA la derecha
Straigth aheadTodo derecho

Places of interest

The beachLa playa
The shopLa tienda
The churchLa iglesia
The museumEl museo 
The marketEl mercado
The portEl puerto
The restaurantEl restaurante
The streetLa calle
The cityLa cuidad
The villageEl pueblo

In the shop

How much?Cuánto cuesta?
How much is this/that?Cuánto cuesta este/Cuánta es eso?
I am looking for ...Busco ...
This/a souvenirEste/un recuerdo
These sunglasses Estas gafas de sol
SuncreamCrema solar
Flip flopsChancletas
Anything else?Algo mas?
No, nothing else. Thank youNo, (nada mas). Gracias

In a restaurant

I would like to have …Quisiera ...
Do you have a table?Tienes una mesa?
Por 2 (persons)Para dos (personas)
I would like to make a reservationQuisiera reservar una mesa para 2 personas
At 8 o’clock A las ocho
At half past 8 A las ocho y media
To what name?A que nombre?
The menuEl menú
Waiter (m/v)Camero/a
What would you like to drink/Something to drink?Qué quieres beber/Algo de beber?
I would like to have/For me/her/himQuisiera ..../Para mi/ella/el
Still water/sparkling waterAqua sin gas/con gas
A glass of wineUna copa de vino or un vino
A white/red wineUn vino blanco/tinto
A small beerUna caña
First course/second course/dessertEl primer plato/secundo plato
French friesPapas fritas
Enjoy your dinnerBuen provecho/Que aproveche

Buena suerte!

June, 11th 2020